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Sentires Art Exhibit
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sentires...The Doors to the Soul

These next two months I'll be participating with an international ministry made up of 28 artists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, England, Mexico, Puerto Rico,  and the United States. In 2003 and the summer of 2004 the team traveled in Europe with the play, "The Key," having a great success and winning the hearts of an international audience. In Scotland they participated in "The Fringe," one of the most important art festivals in Europe, making it to the front page of a prominent Scottish newspaper.

Sentires in Spanish means sensations, used here referring to the senses.

Sentires is a creative production that offers an unconventional art experience that highlights the Truth that has changed our lives. It combines paintings, sculpture, theater, dance, graffiti, acrobatics, music and poetry. Sentires will be an opportunity to savor, hear, touch, look and smell an expression of God's heart through art seldom experienced.

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Tuesday, 16 Nov. 2004
    Please pray for us as we work on the pre-production and face many challenges. Currently we are waiting for the installation of the electrical wiring in the building. We continue to clean the facility, but because it was abandoned for fifteen years there is a lot of cleaning and repairing to do.
    We are believing that the building will be able to be used on a continuing basis for teaching and other exhibitions. Please pray that it will be released to us.
    We are still praying for art supplies, wood, fabric, electrical wiring, sound and light equipment. Thank you for praying with us about these needs.

State of the Sentires Venue (8 November 2004): Before!

The huge task of cleaning up & preparing the facility
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Work in Progress: Monday, 22 Nov. 2004


Come back next week for an updated report



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